Charlotte Meehan

photo by Nicki Pardo

Welcome to my play world, a tragically gleeful theatre of the impossible. The plays you will encounter here run the gamut from a neo-Absurdist fairytale of wholesome Christian family life to, most recently, a new take on Realism. Can a well-made play blend string theory, dollar store psychology, evolution, and existential angst brought on by corporate greed? Check out Real Realism for the answer.

Charlotte, 1964

Me in my yard, 1964

While growing up as the child of “John Birchers” and fervent members of the Orthodox Roman Catholic Movement does not on the surface seem like a natural start for an anarchistic experimental playwright, having so much to rebel against prepared me very well in the early years for the mule-headed stubbornness needed to continue writing and staging my plays (while doing an endless assortment of low paying jobs) in New York. Eventually, I pursued a second MFA, at Brown University, which led (post-9/11) to my current job as Playwright-in-Residence at Wheaton College (MA) where I have been happily ensconced — though not fenced in — since 2002.

St. Puis V High School, 1976

St. Puis V High School, 1976

In January 2012, I launched Sleeping Weazel in Boston — the multimedia theatre company I originally co-founded with my late husband, David Hopkins, for our productions in New York and the UK. Now in its second season with a roster of 30 affiliated artists, the company’s mission is to bridge the gap between “mainstream” and “avant-garde,” bringing audiences aesthetically vibrant, politically relevant theatre and performance works that surprise, enlighten, move, and entertain. Sleeping Weazel Managing Director Adara Meyers and I also co-curate monthly exhibitions of new video, performance, sound, and installation art in a cyber art gallery housed on the SW website.

Sleeping Weazel premiered my latest play, Real Realism, in June 2013 at the Factory Theatre in Boston. The third play of my trilogy, The Problem with People, it was the first to be staged in Boston. I will unveil the previous plays, 27 Tips for Banishing the Blues and Sweet Disaster in 2014 and 2015, culminating a decade-long exploration of grief, catastrophe, and the ridiculous.