SpellSongdirected by Stephanie Burlington Daniels
dramaturged by Craig Watson
Wheaton College, Norton, MA
November 2005
SpellSong scene with David Fox

David Fox

SpellSong scene - picture 2

(l-r) Megan Reid, Nadia Mahdi, Loren Summers

SpellSong scene - picture 6

(front to back) Michael Zwolinski, David Fox

SpellSong scene - picture 7

(l-r) Megan Reid, Nadia Mahdi

SpellSong scene - picture 8

Nadia Mahdi

This play was previously presented as part of Brown University’s New Plays Festival under the direction of David Hopkins. Eternal thanks to Frank DeSilva, molecular biologist, who performed his first and only role in a play as Messenger.


At rise: MESSENGER walks across the stage into a spotlight, stops, crouches down, places the tip of his elbow on the ground with forearm raised allowing the drums to “passthrough” him, and says the following:

Hold firm the reins of my tongue, Oh ancestors;
guide my words as they come forth, that they may follow and respect their natural order.

(He stands up and addresses the audience.)

And, if I am wrong, do not forget that, like you, I live on a handful of millet, a mouthful of water, and fresh air.

(He turns to exit, then turns back.)

Oh. Also.
There are many persons in the person of every person.

(Lights fade to black with a few lingering drum beats and cicadas.)

Scene: Outside. Egypt. Day. The sound of birds.

At rise: NIKAULE and ASHER lie on the ground, chins in hands, facing each other as MESSENGER looks on, conducting their dialogue from atop a pedastal

SpellSong scene - picture 1

(l-r) Michael Zwolinski, Nadia Mahdi, Megan Reid

I love you love you love you love you love you.

I love you love you love you love you love you.

You more.

No, you.

You you you you you.

You and me.

You and me.

You and me.

Look, Asher.
The sky is moving fast. The clouds are racing. It’s going to happen tonight, isn’t it?


(They freeze.)

VOICE FROM ABOVE (with MESSENGER mouthing along)
Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places.

All these are the beginning of sorrows.

We’re going to sleep in each other’s arms.

(They freeze again. MESSENGER jumps down from his pedestal.)